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Five Great Reasons to Change the Windows in your Older Home

Five Great Reasons to Change the Windows in your Older Home

Did you just move into a beautiful home full of old charm or perhaps you been living in an older home for many years and looking to boost your energy efficiency? If so, it may be time for you to take a look at your windows. It can be easy for many homeowners to overlook the exact thing they spend time looking through. Windows are just simply there, so many people fail to recognize the value in replacing them. Included here are a few reasons to look at replacing the windows on your home.

Energy Efficiency

In a world where everyone is “going green,” it’s no surprise homeowners have begun to analyze how efficient their homes are. One of the most important areas of the house, as far as energy-efficiency goes, is the window. By replacing your windows you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each year in energy. Vinyl windows are by far the most efficient and popular among homeowners, and installation is a fairly simple process. Most homes can go through a retrofit in just a few days and with minimal construction debris.

Sound Muffling Qualities

Everyone likes to have quiet evenings in their home, but for those who live on busy streets it’s not always possible. By replacing your windows, you should be able to greatly reduce the amount of noise entering your home from outside. In addition to this, replacing the windows will reduce how much noise is leaving the home, making it possible for you to crank your favorite music without bothering the neighbors!

Improved Security

When you think of home security you might be focused on doors, fences or lighting. However, one of the most important parts of home security is the windows. Many older windows fail to lock properly or lack locks altogether. By installing secure, new windows, you can be sure the windows are sealing properly and any would-be thieves will not be able to enter easily.

Better Curb Appeal

Most homeowners are constantly thinking in terms of what will boost their home’s curb appeal for future sales. By taking the time to replace your windows, you will be able to improve your home’s curb appeal while bettering your own quality of life. Not to mention, most homeowners who invest in new windows see a roughly 80% return on investment when the home is sold.

More Natural Light

Recent studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps keep humans healthy and sleeping well. Newer windows utilize smaller frames with larger panes, allowing more natural light into your home. Due to advancement in window coatings, your new windows are more UV resistant as well, protecting you within your home while you enjoy those rays.

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