If you’ve ever seen the popular A&E show “Hoarders”, you already know the nightmare that awaits households without organized closets and storage areas. Even if you have the best intentions, your house can slip into disarray unless you have a place to put all of your clothes, electronics, office supplies, and other stuff. Closet organizers can take a simple closet and turn it into a comprehensive organization station – with compartments and hangers for all of your clothes and anything else you might want at arm’s reach.


With a closet organizer, you can double your effective storage space while adding value to your home and simplifying your life.


All bedrooms need a closet – a place to put clothing, shoes, accessories, and linens to keep them out of the way and in pristine condition. In most homes, the closet is just an afterthought – but a closet organizer can elevate your closet to a showcase for your wardrobe. From walk-in closets to small guest-room armoires, we have the storage solutions that keep your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Whether you are looking for shelving to bolt onto additional closet space, or you want a complete cedar custom closet to keep your suits and shirts smelling great, a closet overhaul is a great choice for the conscientious homeowner.


In some rooms, you just need a durable (and low-cost) solution to the inevitable accumulation of laundry, recreational equipment, or accessories like umbrellas and boots. For mud-rooms and utility rooms, AGC recommends closet organizers made from synthetic materials and wire mesh – giving dirty clothes and wet items a place to dry off without damaging your flooring or the shelves. We can custom-build laundry solutions to your specifications, working in awkward-sized rooms and building around your existing appliances.

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For small houses or apartments, consider building multi-use cabinetry in your bathroom or utility room that allows you to use “overflow” storage space in these rooms for seasonal items that might not need to be taken out and used on a regular basis.


The kitchen is the center of most homes, and yet there is so much clutter that accumulates in a poorly designed kitchen that it is impossible to use the kitchen as the social hub that it was designed for. With our custom pantry solutions, all of your food and preparation supplies can be concealed behind in-wall cabinetry – an elegant solution to the storage problem of the modern kitchen. By getting rid of unsightly clutter, you can use your kitchen cabinets (complete with brand new doors and hardware) to display china and your collection of cookbooks.


For other rooms in your home, like the living room or office, custom cabinets will serve an aesthetic role as well as a practical one. Sure, you want to keep your electronics hidden behind an entertainment center, but you also want your custom cabinets to blend in with the rest of the room to create a unified style. From closet accessories to complete home office solutions, we have a turnkey approach to design and construction that ensures a completely custom solution that fits with your room and your use case. AGC has several cabinet door styles to choose from, and a nearly limitless variety of cabinet accessories to extend the functionality of your closet organizer if you require a little bit of flexibility.


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