When you think of remodeling projects, the flashiest areas in your home (kitchens, entries, living rooms) might not be the best place to start. In terms of the value that you add to your home, and the potential impact on your quality of life, nothing gives your home an overhaul quite like a bathroom remodel. Working within the confines of your architectural footprint, our residential contracting service will give your bathroom a complete facelift – bringing new energy and comfort to your outdated space, wether its a small bathroom remodel or a luxury master bathroom oasis.


Your bathroom will be a room that you’re proud of – with plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, granite countertops, shower enclosures, new mirrors, lighting fixtures and custom tile showers or tub shower conversions that meet your expectations of luxury bathroom remodeling and durability.


According to a survey by Hanley Wood media, a bathroom remodel is one of the most ‘efficient’ projects that you can undertake in terms of the value that is added to your home. Homeowners that remodel their bathrooms with updated features and stylish finishes like cabinets, granite, ceramic tile walls and flooring can expect a 75% recoup rate, although experienced Las Vegas general contractors can increase this even further by reducing the cost of your project through efficient use of existing plumbing and new energy efficient plumbing products.

While your remodeling project should be driven primarily by your desire to be more comfortable and happier inside your home, it is nice to know that your bathroom remodeling investment will be rewarded when it is time to sell your home. Since a bathroom remodel revolves around the quality and materials of the bathroom fixtures that you choose – this represents a substantial portion of the cost (and ultimately the return) of your home bathroom remodeling project.


Your bathroom remodeling project is only limited by your imagination, and our bathroom designers will work with you to estimate the cost of remodeling your bathroom and formulating a budget for your new bathroom remodel. From custom cabinets to granite countertops, we use the finest in luxury materials, and we stay up to date on the latest bathroom design trends as well as timeless classic bathroom designs. For example, we recommend that many of our clients choose durable materials like ceramic tile and stone for their bathroom floors, and tub shower conversions – creating a surface that will last through generations of home owners.

Las Vegas Master Bath Renovation

Meanwhile, modern innovations like rain shower heads and vertical spa features, water efficient toilets and frameless glass shower enclosures can make your bathroom luxurious without requiring structural changes to your bathroom.

If you don’t have the time (or budget) for a major bathroom remodel, there are also smaller changes that you can make to your small bathroom to significantly change the way that it feels.


For many homeowners, bathroom renovations turn into a nightmare process of contractor coordination and DIY “Frankenstein” projects not to mention costly water damage accidents. What might seem like a simple project of replacing a tub or shower can turn into a multi-month ordeal if it isn’t done right – and all the while your family must use an alternative bathroom. Whether you are looking to overhaul your master bathroom with new Jacuzzi Tub and energy efficient plumbing fixtures, or you are looking for a more budget-friendly option like bath to shower conversions and plumbing faucet changes, AGC provides 100% of the support that you need through the entire home remodeling process, minimizing your headache while maximizing the synergy of the results.


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