Are you about to outgrow your home? Do you wish that you could add more space for your growing family (or for your hobbies and interests) without having to move out of the neighborhood that you love? In many cases, you can upgrade your home without having to move – and it can be much cheaper and easier to take on a room addition project. Room additions allow you to add new space to your home while tying into your existing systems, and they can be designed to be unobtrusive and to actually enhance the look of your home.

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AGC has done room additions for dozens of clients around Nevada, and we have a proven track record of satisfied customers and beautiful completed projects.


If you have a kid on the way, or maybe a set of in-laws that is moving in so you can care for them, it might be time to think about a room addition. Not only will a room addition give you more space for your family to expand, it will keep everyone sane by giving everyone their own private space in the home so they don’t feel like they are constantly in the way. For many people, the first room addition that they make on their home is for a guest bedroom or for an extra bedroom for incoming children – and there are many ways that AGC can find the space for your new bedroom and living area. If you don’t want to add your new living area onto your existing structure – consider a separate “mother-in-law” quarters on your property. A guest house, with its own kitchenette and bathroom, will give your guest ultimate privacy while allowing you to maintain your home as it was before the guest came over.


Maybe you’re still living in the home that you originally bought as a starter home, but changing personal circumstances have left you with a little bit of extra money and the desire to change your home to the awesome house that you always wanted. To turn your house into a casita that is truly ready for entertaining, consider adding a game room – a large open room, ideally plumbed with a wet bar, or a man cave with all the entertainment systems and home theater equipment that you’ve collected over the year.

Las Vegas Room Additions

A theater room can be the center of your home when you are entertaining or preparing for the big game, and all your guests will appreciate your fresh bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel.


AGC can also build “add on” buildings on your property that can be designed to blend in with the rest of your property. If you need a place to store your project cars, or a workshop that you can retreat to during the evenings, a detached garage is a perfect way to keep your precious tools out of the elements while still keeping noise and mess isolated from the rest of your house. Similarly, a pool room can be a great place to entertain while using smooth construction materials that make it easy to clean up after you have soaking wet guests trudge through for snacks. Going with AGC ensures that your outbuilding will be a custom solution that will enhance your landscape… not just an “off the shelf” shed or outbuilding that will look out of place on your property.


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